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Medical beauty industry welcomes heavy pound rectification, seven departments, the whole chain to crack down
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  • Cut double fold eyelid, fight to reduce weight needle, inject collagen albumen...... Medical beauty pull "Yan value" economy, but driven by profits, the plastic industry from the recruitment, training, promotion, service to drug sales, has formed a chaos of industrial chain, let beauty people face a lot of risk.
    The day before, the State Planning Commission and other seven departments jointly issued a "crack down on illegal medical beauty special action plan", clearly will be dealt with the case as the starting point, the whole chain to crack down on injection of the micro surgery related criminal activities, improve the long-term mechanism, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
    Medical beauty safety "without leaving a dead corner""

    The medical profession will not be as good as it used to be.
    This is what many practitioners have felt for nearly a year. A large domestic cosmetic chain group market department staff to the "worker's Daily" reporter, "Wei Zexi event", more and more strict examination. Now, marketing activities are strictly demanding. In accordance with advertising law, we usually use the cosmetic front and back contrast charts, extreme expressions and so on, so that they can not appear again on the website."
    "Wei Zexi incident" refers to last year in the Internet caused Internet users concerned about medical related events. In April 12, 2016, Wei Zexi, a 21 year old student at Xi'an Electronic and Science University, died of synovial sarcoma. He died in the know wrotefor after treatment, said, in the Baidu search of a biological immune therapy in the second hospital of Beijing armed police, then in the hospital after the illness caused by delay, then learned that the technology has been eliminated in the United states. Thus, netizens were raised to discuss the problem of false medical advertisements and private hospitals.

    "Severely punish illegal advertising and Internet information.". Strengthen advertising supervision, investigate and deal with illegal advertising behavior. Strengthen the Internet and "micro plastic" related information monitoring, to clean up the Internet bad information has become an important part of this special action.
    Insiders pointed out that, with the growing demand for medical beauty, more and more consumers choose to inject hyaluronic acid sodium (hyaluronic acid), collagen, botulinum toxin and so on, "micro plastic" medical beauty. Some criminals for the sake of profit, without appropriate qualifications, but illegal manufacture and sale of the use of the above-mentioned injection of drugs and medical devices, resulting in harm to consumer health incidents have occurred. And administrative departments such as industry and commerce still maintain a certain "blind spot"".
    For the safety of medical cosmetology "leaving", the beauty of life program requirements to strengthen regulatory agencies, and no physician qualified individuals to carry out medical beauty service behavior, and physician to the non medical institutions to carry out medical beauty service behavior.
    At the same time, illegal medical beauty training will also be remediation. According to the plan, the medical cosmetology training belongs to medical technology professional training must be carried out by qualified medical institutions, medical institutions, teacher training and training should be consistent with the provisions of the "object of medical beauty services management approach", and severely punish illegal conduct "micro plastic" medical beauty training behavior, and do not have the qualifications to carry out training institutions the units and individuals.
    For the illegal manufacture and sale of drugs and medical devices such as the "source", the program emphasizes to strengthen the production of drugs and medical equipment business supervision and inspection, investigate and punish the illegal use of sodium hyaluronate, collagen, botulinum toxin and other drugs and medical devices act of illegal production of injection.
    It is understood that the action will continue from May to April 2018 this year.
    Raw materials may be extracted from medical waste
    Seven departments jointly crack down on illegal medical beauty behind, is the industry faces huge profits and chaos.
    A more beautiful platform released by the "2016 medical beauty white paper" showed that in 2016, China's medical beauty market is expected to reach 796 billion 300 million, the United States market growth rate of nearly 20%, is expected to break trillion yuan by 2019.
    The white paper shows that plastic active users are "young, high-income, highly educated" characteristics. Over the past year, medical users have become younger and younger, accounting for 24% of users younger than 25, an increase of 5% compared with last year, including 95 after the crowd.
    Huge market contains rich business opportunities, but also bring clumps of chaos.
    "After doing hump nose, nose is more stereo, but feel the eye does not match with it, does that canthus need not open?" The contour of the eye is deepened, and then make a whole face." Repeated Cosmetic Surgery Wang Qing told reporters, originally she was prepared to spend less than 10000 yuan to do a minor surgery, I did not expect less than a year, the face has been "matching" moved seven or eight knives.
    Although Wang Qing also found that a lot of injection is no qualified beautician in play, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the drug, surgical site is generally in people's homes or private small workshops, substandard sanitary conditions, but she has some helpless: "you come into the circle, was suddenly up."
    Wang Qing revealed that in the medical beauty industry, the price is "can not tell the secret", many businesses known as "on the price", but you can always find out the lower price, when surgery, the price has turned several times.
    "The price of a botulinum toxin is 500 yuan and is sold to the customer as much as $1500 to $2800, and the staff responsible for the injection is 500 yuan per Commission."." Said a cosmetic surgery hospital doctor, because medical beauty in our country is not yet mature, the Department in charge of supervision execution Co., part of the business institutions lack of self-discipline and consumers lack of self-protection awareness and other reasons, resulting in the medical cosmetic industry chaos dragons and fishes jumbled together.



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