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Medical equipment industry to upgrade domestic equipment, playing a
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  • With the support of the national policy, China's medical equipment industry ushered in a good opportunity to develop. In recent years, import substitution has become more obvious. However, because of China's medical equipment industry started late, lack of technology, coupled with poor equipment, to play a nice turnaround in the industry, is still not relaxed, we must increase technology development, upgrading of domestic medical equipment, in the fierce market foothold.
    "The formation of the core patent 300, breaking the original 1 innovations - the 3 key technique, 10 - 20, frontier cultivation has strong competitiveness in the domestic and international market of large medical equipment enterprise group 8 - 10......" On June 14th release of "13th Five-Year" medical science and technology innovation planning "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan ") goal, Department of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology and social development of biotechnology and Medicine Director Zhang Zhaofeng familiar," the new plan is to lead the rapid development of a new generation of medical device products".
    According to reports, and "12th Five-Year" to the whole product and core components of the localization of the key breakthrough, the "planning" to "localization, high-end, brand and internationalization" as the direction, more emphasis on the integration of innovation chain, industrial chain and service chain development in domestic service in Huimin landing, in the international competition to hit a turnaround".
      "Upgrade" domestic equipment, disruptive technology, overtaking corners
    "7 years ago, China's medical device industry could be described as' dismal'." Recall "industry of science and technology" medical devices in 12th Five-Year "special plan" at the scene, Dr. Beijing tianzhihang medical Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zhang Songgen mixed feelings, "the experts and entrepreneurs basically did not mention the original innovation of products, because the need to make products too much, please catch up, padded short board is the main target."
    Zhang Zhaofeng said, after the "12th Five-Year" efforts, the proportion of domestic medical equipment improved substantially, the lack of core components of the bottleneck is gradually broken. At present, MRI (nuclear magnetic), color Doppler ultrasound, CT and other high-end products to achieve domestic success, the average purchase price of domestic medical equipment is cheaper than 30% of imported brands.
    However, the ordinary people to the hospital, eyeful medical equipment is still imported products. "High-end medical equipment mainly relies on imports, becoming one of the main reasons for expensive medical treatment."." Zhang Zhaofeng said, "now the ability to improve imitation, some high-end products and core components have even led the international, but change 'to import based' product configuration status, still need to further strengthen innovation breakthroughs."
    Therefore, to carry out cutting-edge disruptive technology research may become an important breakthrough in the field of medical equipment in the future, but also an important opportunity for China to achieve overtaking corners. Zhang Zhaofeng said, "planning" the location is not only to solve some technical problems to negotiate, but also for the future development of the technology of forward-looking layout, hope to develop through the frontier of disruptive technology, driven by innovation of the whole medical devices, to achieve leapfrog development.
    Planning" proposed, "13th Five-Year" period, China will, in vitro diagnostic medical imaging, biomedical materials, advanced treatment, rehabilitation nursing and health promotion in six areas to carry out research on advanced technology; the layout of the new generation of intelligent health perception, callus induction and regeneration, medical artificial intelligence may lead the future development of the industry and services the model change of technological innovation. "Seize the commanding heights of industrial development," is an important layout of China's medical equipment breakthrough".



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